Friday, April 23, 2010

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Pope: A Cunt or and Even Bigger Cunt?

Joseph Ratzinger has come under fire for his involvement in the covering-up and thus enabling of the rape and sexual abuse of children within the Roman Catholic Church. It says a lot about a man when such a severe crime, one which alone would tempt me to call for the return of the death penalty, can be said to be among his most minor.

While the 'abuse', and I do so thoroughly hate the way that euphemism is used when the crime in question tends to be rape, of young children (particularly boys) monopolises the headlines, the crimes of this organisation, and Ratzinger's cover-ups, go far beyond this. 95% of people who are the victims of 'sexual abuse' at the hands of RC priests are adult women. A peer-review study conducted in 2003 found that 3.1% of regular female congregants were the victims of sexual abuse by the clergy.

American psychologist Gary Schoener, who has dealt with thousands of cases or clerical 'abuse', claims that:

“Women and girls are every bit as much at risk as boys and men. But the sexual abuse of a boy is treated far more seriously, and is considered a far worse offence.”


“The church is so dominated by men that there's a tendency to portray girls as provoking the crimes against themselves. The depositions read like rape cases used to: Did you enjoy it? What were you wearing?”

Reports suggest that many women have been encouraged to seek abortions by the clergy following their rape and that junior female employees of the church have been sacked for reporting their abuse.

But even if the child 'sex abuse' scandal currently in the news is only the tip of the iceberg of Church sex abuse, the sex abuse scandals themselves are only a drop in the ocean of the blood spilled by His Holiness.

Ratzinger has held the office of Pope for just under five years, and during that time over seven million people, primarily Black Africans, have died unnecessarily of AIDS as a result of his policies. Ratzinger, who also oversaw the Papal prohibition on condoms through much of the reign of his predecessor, has presided over a holocaust in Sub-Saharan Africa which, even by the most conservative estimates, rivals that of Hitler. If the deaths he was responsible for prior to his ascension to the highest office in Christendom are taken into account then this man is almost without a doubt the greatest living mass murderer.

Focusing on his role in the child rape scandal is alot like focusing on that one time Hitler stole from the corner shop. The media should be ashamed.

Gordon Brown claimed yesterday that the Pope's followers were the “conscience of the nation”. Go, fucking, figure.